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Paneer Makhani Sliders

A new start, a new beginning also calls for changes. Changes that you know have to be made.

It would be wrong to call this my first recipe since I have been posting on Facebook for years now . But the first recipe I made for my website.

Food is all I think of. Sad? But true. I was as usual looking up recipes and had a brain storm. If I had chicken makhani burgers why did I not have paneer makhani burgers.

After a few trials I thought I personally would like a smaller chunk of paneer. So the paneer makhani slider was born. Smaller but as much flavor packed. There is nothing as humble as paneer. It will take on any flavor u add it to or just stay silent blended into a gravy and add the delicate consistency needed. Hahaha don’t I romanticize food!

Anyhow this is a crispy and tangy sandwich that can be made into a burger with a bigger piece of paneer or a slider with a small piece. If you cut it up into bite size pieces you could also make it like paneer popcorn or paneer bites for kids.

This recipe has three parts to it. First is the paneer tikka by it self. Then the makhani gravy and third the assembly. Let’s start with what we need for this yummy slider.

For the tikki.

Paneer( cut the paneer into 2” by 2” slices of 1cm thickness.

Curd 1/2 cup. Make sure the yogurt is think or your marinate will be too runny.

1 tbs ginger garlic and green chili finely chopped. (Let’s call it chopped 3g)

1 tbs Kashmiri mirchi

1/2 tsp turmeric powder.

Salt to taste

1/2 tsp Kasturi methi.

1/2 cup bread crumbs

oil to fry

For the makhani gravy

2 small tomatoes

1/2 tsp chopped ginger garlic green (3g)

1 table spoon butter

1 table spoon sugar (yes you will need it)

1 tbs yogurt

3-4 pieces of cashews

Salt to taste

1 tsp Kashmiri mirchi powder

1 tsp coriander powder

14th cupWater to think the gravy.

For the assembly

Your favorite green chutney

Cheese (optional) I haven’t added it.

Lettuce leaves

Slider buns.

Let’s get cooking!!

For the tikki.

Set your oil to heat up for frying.

Mix yogurt, turmeric powder, red chili powder, Kasturi methi, salt, and chopped 3g.

Coat the paneer pieces really well.

Dip the paneer into bread crumbs and coax liberally pressing the crumbs into the marinate.

Once your oil is heated up well add the paneer pieces and fry till golden brown.

set aside.

For the makhani sauce.

Blend everything together......literally.... blend tomatoes, yogurt, cashew, 3g, Kashmiri mirchi, coriander powder and sugar. Make sure you blend this well.

Add butter in a pan, doesnt have to be hot.. Simultaneously add the blended sauce. Let it start bubbling.

at this point taste the gravy. I added some more sugar but it’s totally up to you. Some people do not like their food to be sweet. You could add some half and half to cut out the tang.

Add salt and turn off.

Assembling the paneer makhani sliders.

On the slider buns add lettuce .

Add makhani sauce and green chutney.

Place the paneer Tikki on top.

Add some more makhani sauce and chutney.

Close the bun and eat away!!

Tips and ideas from my kitchen

I love messy burgers so I add more sauces and chutneys . You could also dip the crispy paneer in makhani sauce. Dress this burger up as you like. get as creative as you want. You could add onions, tomatoes, cheese or pickles. Tickle your imagination and enjoy this burger. There is no limit to creating your favorite flavor.

3G- I take equal amounts of ginger, garlic and green Chili’s and chop it up finely in the chopper. I like this chunky paste better than a fine paste. Even for kababs. You can make a bulk and either freeze it up in one time use sized cubes or keep it in the fridge for a couple of days.

How to not split the yogurt?

I recently learnt this from Ranveer Brar. If you add a little bit of cashews when you use yogurt in a gravy your yogurt will not split. I have been using that tip so a few months now and it works great!!!

Sending you flavours from My Kolorful Kitchen.


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