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Cashew Coconut Chutney

Every once in a while a stranger comes along and teaches you a lesson or two.

Padma Hari was one such person. We met through a common friend and she then invited us over for dinner. There were quite a few things I learnt that night. A new coconut chutney and HOW TO PARTY!!! Haha....yes!! This is true. I was a second time mom, around 30 years old and still finding my footing in America. Padma hosted a thanksgiving party and we so glad she made us a part of it.

Padma had an entire traditional menu of Turkey, Mashed Potates and the works..... then there was an entire Indian menu. I think that is what was impressed me at first. Through the night I noticed she was in the kitchen, near the bar and on the dance floor all at the same time. In short she was enjoying her party. Usually when I hosted a party I was so focused on the food and details, I was tired by the end of it. That night I had my first lesson in hosting and enjoying my own party.

Padma, thank you!

With some yummy dal wadas Padma served this amazing coconut chutney. It was love at first taste. When I asked Padma for the recipe she happily let me in on the secret. Another lesson reinforced-knowledge is meant to be shared!! Instead of using chana dal or peanuts she used cashews. This was the game changer for me. I have never gone back to using chana dal or peanuts unless I run out of Cashews.

Over time I have made a few variations to it. there are times I eliminate the onions. sometimes I add curry leaves. sometimes fresh coconut or cilantro and at times all of these together. I really hope you make this a part of your dinner menu and enjoy it as much as we do.


For Chutney

1 cup unsweetened coconut flakes.

1/4 th cup salted and roasted cashew.

1 inch ginger

3-4 small shallots.

2-3 green chilis

3/4th cup water. More if needed.

Salt to taste.

For Tempering

1tsp oil

1/2 tsp mustard seeds

1/2 tsp urad dal

A sprig of curry leaves.

Lets get cooking.

1) Mix all ingredients and blend to the consistency you like.

2) In a medium heated pan add oil and let it heat.

3) Add the mustard seeds, urad and curry leaves.

4) Once it splutters and the dal turns golden brown garnish the coconut chutney with it.

Serve this with idli, appe, dosa, uttappam and even pongal. This chutney is my comfort food. I hope it becomes yours too.

Sending you flavors from My Kolorful Kitchen.

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